The True Story of a Prostitute Woman Who Has Been Sacrificed For Wealth and Celebration

The New Real Mystery Narrative The Story of a Prostitute Becomes a Victim of the Exploitation of her Husband The real mystery of the night will also share a real mystery story victim pesugihan who himself can be said Pesugihan King Tega at the expense of his wife's own wife. Actually, many mystery stories will also be updated always a day, so often come to our site

Here is a narrative mystery of the real story of the most recent mystical supernatural pesugihan you want to read.  The True Story of a Prostitute Woman Who Has Been Sacrificed For Wealth and Celebration The mystical story of Poverty mystery.

At September 15, 2005 I remember correctly, the date and the first day of the first event I acted immoral kickbacks of the world's top prostitutes. That day, exactly on Thursday night at 19.45 at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, for the first time I selling traded.

My "honor" price is expensive for the size of a model-class girl like myself. That night I paid Rp1, 5 million by Hari Sujarwo, one officer of one generation who was duty in one headquarters. After use, I immediately washed and cried in the bathroom. Destruction, the dreadful insult gnaws at my inner and my physical.

Sujarwo slept soundly with his mouth open, snoring! For a moment I could not sleep and wanted to go home as soon as possible. I looked at the middle-aged man who had been married and had three children. Narrative mystery which in disguise

I think, with his money, the man has taken away my madness. Robby, my pimp, must have laughed formally brought a wad of money from Sujarwo for my purchase.

Yes, I've been sold by Robby for a while I just bought a small side of the tens of millions in the transaction. Although Robby is not really my own uncle. She's my daddy's sister. My real father who has long died the world. OMG ! The real mystery of pesugihan

"I bought you for $ 50 million on Robby for a virginity There is no argument for you to turn down !!" snapped Sujarwo, as I struggled from the powerful packet arms. One moment a revorver filled the bullet thrown from his waist. The man's terror will also finish me down.

"Barbarous! "I say. Om Sujarwo gasped at this strange sentence. His hand pulled my hair roughly and said.

"Did you mention what just now? Try again, repeat again! "He pressed.

My head shriveled. My heart gets wry. My breath almost stops for a moment when it is overcrowded. With a stuttering mouth I apologize to that dark-skinned man with a thin mustache.

"Sorry sir, I mean Just Robby the barbarian, not this om. Robby set me up. Do you know  Robby is my real uncle. He is the younger brother of my father who has been 10 years. Then died the world! Why did he sell me? "I whispered.

Hari Sujarwo was in fact already knowing if I was Robby's nephew. Even two months. First, the transaction has been done. Robby has promised me to sell on Hari Sujarwo. My photographs were so kind in some entertainment magazines, cut up and stored neatly on Hari Sujarwo's personal car dashboard.

"You think I will also be touched and touched to hear that you are nephew of Robby the top pimp? No ! Today many uncles sell their nephews. Even you also know, I also never bought a virgin some girls who are sold by his own father. In fact, just 1 week then, I bought three children virgins all sisters are brothers who selling cash by biological parents. Mother and father! Understand? "Asked Hari Sujarwo, not demanding my answer.

The world has lost its memory. Morals has gone bankrupt and there is no once more morals and some life ethics in this life. I've been plunged into the demon world. Honestly, it is not the whole om om robby's fault, but because my morale is also the one that has collapsed. Yes, because of poverty, the distress of life and the limited power of the brain there is also no skill that can invite money.

Life is so demanding. Momentary honor that I accept is not how much the world is the responsibility. Yes kind of bootom row that demands me limited joinings. Faceful face but wallet deflated.

I am currently a professional prostitute. Everyday I move from one man to a different man. My pay is pretty good when it's on the roadside prostitute's side. Multiply check s *** s I paid Rp 500 thousand at least. But strangely enough, the money I received every night was just like that. Never mind deposit, saving under the mattress too, I do not have. It may be because the same is true with the saying, "Money jinn in eating devil" I think.

One night, I was booked by a somewhat aged gentleman. The so-called man is a paranormal member of the House. My guest was not a member of the general council, but he was a popular public profile. Although that night he spent a lot of money treating me at Hardrock Café on street Sarinah, Thamrin Jakarta and gave me a lot, but not the slightest he touched me.

"I just need a conversation partner tonight, I do not need women to date on the bed! "He asserted.
Indeed, returning from Hardrock to Kemang Garden hotel, I did not do anything, except to talk. He tipped me to tell me about why I chose a profession to be a prostitute. At first I did not tell the truth to him. I fabricate a narrative that is far from the fact. After my narration, the man of the profession as a representative of the people smiled sweetly. A few moments as his eyes shone sharply into my eyes.

"Younger sister lies. The sister is making up a fictitious narrative away from the facts as the little brother faces! "He insisted, calmly. My heart is shaking great. My face felt slapped with buffalo dungs. I think he has a specific advantage that knows what he should not know. He understands more and what I do not know about myself.

That night he guessed with what fitting I had and why I was splashed in the mud stains like this. He even guessed what happened when I was a kid.

I bowed my head. I did not dare lift my head and look at him. Shame, yes I feel ashamed. But the wise man was so calm in my heart. He holds my chin and begs me to look him in the eye.

"Brother innocent. The circumstances forced her to live like this. And also conditions that forced the younger brother to be a worker S *** S commercial. Do not lie. I know what my sister does not understand and Sister knows what I know. I am a psychic, a shaman, who can see a thing that is not saw by most people, "he explained.

That night he drove me back to my house on the edge of Jakarta. The dwelling of my parents' reot parents and half of bamboo in Karang Mulya, Tangerang City, Banten. I am not allowed to return to my booth at Mango lodging rentals VIII Number 7685 E. She begged me to stop being a fake love salesman. He will also make me an empress, his glorious wife who is honored and honored. He will also guarantee my life full. Rp 100 million monthly money, Iambhorgini car, ferrari and fortuner.

"You must be a good woman, honorable and elegant, not crawling to replace this man!

However, you must switch the whole, 1000% switch. Can go out of my residence with my permit and can walk to enjoy life abroad with me. Delete everything adab as well as the old time routine and start with a new life to be a respectable woman, "he said, with sharp eyes as sharp as a hawk in the blue sky.

My body is dreaming like a dream. I pinched my leather, my cheeks and my hair, is this really a fact? Or am I delirious, have a dream or hallucinate? No, I pinched sick. The hair I pulled was sore. I mean, I'm not having a dream. I really face the handsome, kind-hearted man and want to make me queen after he stated. Wife has died six years. Time ago and no children.

Finally he claimed to be honest, if I was taken by him because of the supreme order of supramistic teachers behind him. The Invisible King, Kanjeng Puma Asmara, the djinni from the Middle East who sheltered him, begged me to make my wife and only I could bring him to his true glory. I had been looking for him for a long time and he was so happy he had found me that night. Even the unseen, does not allow me to be released and must be tied up and married to be the most important queen.

So people who are so beginners in the supernatural world, I am a bit confused also really kok this way. There is a man who seeks a wife based on the command of the supernatural teacher who protected him. I am only one of the thousand names and only me who can be married, even though in fact I am just a woman despicable, dirty and dirty because I am a prostitute.

The last is also revealed because there is a mole on my cheek as a sign. Characteristic that I am a wealthy prince who is widower without this child.

"Oh man, I am a depraved lady, prostitute and dirty. Do not you regret later, accompanied by someone who is so ugly stri like this? "I said, one day, before we got married.

"In the common human eye, you're dirty because you're a whore. But in my eyes, you are an angel who descended from heaven. You are mahadara, the most beautiful woman in the astral world and you are the cleanest girls in the mysterious universe, so that, the master chooses you to make a wife. The wife of a powerful man mandraguna, qualified and live so 1/2 human and 1/2 jin. "His cock, soft.

The marriage has taken place. We make elegant living capital of 39 billion rupiah at hill Pass, Bogor West Java. A large 38-bedroom residence, an olimpiacle swimming pool and a beautiful garden with a thousand types of flowers and flowers next to my house.

The Asean Life model magazine interviewed me about the residence and where I lived it became a trending topic in Life Model magazine and TV broadcast. Yes, I am the richest woman in Indonesia with 100 yarn factories, tapiyoca, South Korean car order and 29 Western European restaurants spread in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali. Lastly we made three great restaurants also in Makasar, South Sulawesi.

From where was the money so easily earned by my husband?
"Your husband owns a cash mill. He has his own private cave piled with some gold, diamonds, diamonds and American dollars. Your husband is a high-profile pesugihan actor. He did pesugihan with tumbal yourselves. If you do not go out soon, you will soon die suddenly. You're like having a heart attack, but in essence you've been dedicated to the supernatural. In the King of the jinn who will also swallow your blood, brain and heart.

For God, I am a living witness of the actions of your husband who pummeled you into his rightful wife. If you want to survive, go off overseas and disconnect with him as soon as possible, "said Ki Jala Mandra, 67, a Malaysian paranormal who until now became a friend with my husband.

My heart was beating. My head was shriveling and I was scared. I am sure what is mentioned Ki Jala Mandra this. He did not lie and he was a living witness if I became the ultimate goal of the victim of the heavyweight pesugihan done by my husband.

In the evening I could not sleep. My husband hugged me tight and stroked my hair with intimate. I want to ask questions, but danger. When I ask questions about it, I can be killed by him directly.

"Your husband looks good, wise and cares for you. He is the shaman pesugihan king Tega, the heart to make a victims  wife for wealth and glory. I feel sorry for you, who will also be the victim. It's good to put all the money into your bank account

And fled to South Afnika or to Western Europe, "Ki Jala Mandra commanded, seriously.

My husband took me intimate. So my wife, I did my duty and I was not even bland. Did not feel the pleasure though. What I have is fear, tightness and depressed mounds. I thought, I must go far, far away from it to escape death. Apart from the victims that dangers and bring disaster to my personal life.

"I must be a remote driver," I whispered, inside.

Right now I have run away. I have moved away from the reach of King Jin's victim who will also swallow my heart and blood. I live in Akmaar, not far away and Paramaribo, Suniname in South America. I create a Bank, make music residence, karaoke, restaurant in Akmaar, this Dutch colony country.

It is a real mystical story of the mystery of a woman's life journey that will be made victorious pesugihan king tega

So Javanese, I feel live in this country in Akmaar because many Javanese here and are brothers all. Here I use the ancestral language, Java kromo hinggil, kromo madyo and ngoko. I was suggested to be a Suniname citizen and become a Suniname nation. but, I like Indonesia so much that I will also keep returning to Jakarta when conditions are secure. I would also be safe if my ex-husband had died and the king of jin had been shifted to Western Australia. Ki Jala Mandra is ready to help me and will also help me if one day I will also return to my beloved country, Indonesia.

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