The Myth of a Place That Can Overcome Infidelity

The myth of this sacred place in Central Java is so fitting to handle domestic affairs. Sometimes in the household there is a time to get a trial, one of which is the affair either from the wife or from the husband. Step stop this infidelity many steps one of them with a prayer awaken husband cheating when a cheating her husband, even in the mystical world there is also a step to lock the husband's genitals to avoid or stop cheating.

Steps to stop good cheating must be from the heart and the lapses. There is also a pair of heart-locking prayers or heart-locking prayers of a wife or husband. On the up-date of this occasion we will review the sacred places that have myth in sure to deal with the affair.
The mythical narrative of the sacred place in central java

Myths Overcoming Infidelity By Praying At Mbah Liwung's Tomb

In Kelurahan Tambakrejo, Purworejo, there is an old grave named Kyai Liwung tomb. Not many know, the problem of the origin of this Kyai Liwung. The presence of his tomb, so the narrative itself, as well as interesting for back flashed.

As the name implies, Kyai Liwung has the meaning of dizzy, or the state of a soul who was wondering because natural one problem is heavy. And in the change indeed, in the grave Kyai Liwung also often be the intention of some people who are in a state of indifference because of one serious problem.

According to Mbah Slamet (68), caretaker of the grave of Kyai Liwung, the story of Kyai Liwunglah's life journey that made the old grave that he was caring for, often became the foundation of some people to get a way out when hit by problems. Of the umpteenth problem that often encountered some barokah racer, Mbah Slamet confess, the most master is the matter of the household, in this matter is the matter of love.

"There are so many couples who are shaking their dwelling here, to find a way out. Mostly there is a relationship with infidelity, "said Slamet.

Yet, according to Slamet, the intentions of some of the baroque racers are only for the good. That is, if one household is shaken tempestion because one of their partner cheating, all can end with a bestselling ritual in the tomb of Kyai Liwung. From the statement of Mbah Slamet, the sawab and the sacred place he was guarding was indeed special to handle the affair.

Then, who is Kyai Liwung's own identity? Why can I have a special answer to deal with infidelity? As well as the hereditary narrative received by Mbah Slamet from some of his ancestors, the presence of Kyai Liwung is, in fact closely related to the presence of Duchy Loano, a glorious kingdom of his time, several hundred years. ago. Loano currently, is a subdistrict name just north of Purworejo. As well as for the people of Purworejo itself, the presence of Duchy Loano at the time then, also so the story itself. There is a Loano chapter that opens all. The story begins with a character named Bethoro Loano, who is predicted to live in th. 1200s. Bethoro Loano, actually named Aryo Bangah, a son of Pajajaran who went wandering to the island of East Java, to find his brother named Joko Sesuruh.

But the search time, Aryo Bangah stop his journey in one area on the banks of the river Bogowonto, Bagelen north side location (Purworejo). Together with his followers, in the end Aryo Bangah settled here. The place is ultimately referred to as Bumi Singgelo. And Aryo Bangah is familiar with Buyut Singgelo.

Buyut Singgelo berputra two, namely Prince Anden and Ki Manguyu. Achieve adulthood, Prince Anden is commanded to serve in Majapahit, all looking for his uncle, Joko Sesuruh. In his devotion, Prince Anden was awarded the daughter of the king named Dewi Marilangen, and was ordered back to Singgelopuro. After that, Bumi Singgelopuro returned to Prince Anden, along with Buyut Singgelo to Mount Sumbing to recluse, avoiding from the crowds of the world. After that, Buyut Singgelo is known as Bethoro Loano. Bumi Singgelopuro itself, in the change to change the name so Loano.

That time, there was a tempest in Duchy Loano, that is, there was a disturbance of Prince Anden's ties with his wife, Dewi Manilangen. The bully is named Prince Joyokusurno, a son of Majapahit, who in fact had an affair bond with his own aunt Dewi Marilangen, but was opposed by the king of Majapahit. And the dark ties always continue, although Dewi Marilangen has become the wife of Prince Anden. "The term is currently having an affair," explained Mbah Slamet.

Not received his wife disturbed (terkingkuhi) Prince Anden bumped Prince Joyokusumo. Both were never fighting, a magic fight. But in fact, Prince Anden lost. Afterwards, Prince Anden heads for Mount Sumbing, begging for his father's help, Bethoro Loano. The father was able to help his son, to get rid of Prince Joyokusumo.

But Bethono Loano has already sworn not to take care of some worldly things. Therefore, Bethoro Loano has another step. Bethoro Loano came down from Mount Sumbing by way of sweeping his body on a raft of banana trunks or topo ngeli in the flow of Bogowonto River. When topo ngeli this, the heart of Bethono Loano was hesitant. One time he arrived at the pond area, here banana sticks stuck in fishing fish parapara, have Kyai Tambak. When found, Bethoro Loano in a daze (liwung). He is confused, how to help his son, get rid of Prince Joyokusumo.

Because of that situation, in the end Bethoro Loano referred to Kyai Liwung. On the edge of Bogowonto river in this Tambak area, Kyai Liwung has been imprisoned for some time, until finally he interfere with Kyai Ganggeng. In Kyai Ganggeng, Kyai Liwung who is actually Bethoro Loano is telling, what makes it down the mountain and make his heart hesitant, his mind liwung (confused). After knowing the problem, Kyai Ganggeng is also willing to help Kyai Liwung. After obtaining a man who is willing to help his son's problem, Kyal Liwung also returns to Mount Sumbing.

"The place of Kyai Liwung ascetic, eventually known as the tomb of Kyai Liwung. But really, it's just petilasan, "narrated Mbah Slamet.
Upon returning Kyai Liwung, Kyai Ganggeng encountered Prince Semono (ruler of Awu-awu sky), pleading for his help. After that, Prince Semono ordered Patih Lowo ijo to arrest Prince Joyokusumo. As soon as Patih Lowo ijo rushed to Duchy Loano. Short narrative, arriving at the castle Loano, Lowo Ijo feel Prince Joyokusumo was trying to get into the palace through the way like a thief, jumping over the palace fence. At that place took place a fight on Prince Joyokusurno with Lowo ijo.

The peak of the two magic powers, when Lowo ijo switched to smoke and into the jug, followed by Prince Joyokusumo who also switched to smoke, then entered into the other pitcher Knowing such a thing, Lowo Ijo was out of the pitcher as soon as he became a man again, Shut up the jug that entered Prince Joyokusumo. Prince Joyokusumo is also entangled in it.

In the end Lowo Ijo brought a jug containing Prince Joyokusumo in front of Kyai Ganggeng. In front of Kyai Ganggeng, the pitcher was crushed, and as soon as the smoke came out soaring and shaping the figure of Prince Joyoku Sumo.

"Then there was a fight on Kyai Ganggeng and Prince Joyokusumo. Because both are both Sakti, they are killed sampyuh, or die in unison, "explained Mbah Slamet. As petilasan people linuwih, Kyai Liwung's grave in the end become a sacred place. As well as from the story, make some people who are experiencing serious domestic problems, nyepi or perform rituals in the tomb of Kyai Liwung, to obtain guidance.

Who made the grave of Kyai Liwung has a special sawab to handle the affair, said Mbah Slamet, related to the business of Kyai Liwung (Bethoro Loano) who successfully removed Prince Joyokusumo who already mengingkuhi mantunya child, Dewi Marilangen.

"That's why, special sawab from Kyai Liwung's grave is so fitting to reject an affair or handle an affair. He does not want his grandchildren to end up like his son in a marriage, his wife is harassed by another man, "said Mbah Slamet.

I Mbah Slamet, a ritual which he calls the ritual of rejecting cheating or anti-cheating ritual, is generally done by some mothers, where the dwelling ladder less harmonious, because the husband likes to cheat. With this ritual of rejecting affair, the household will return to harmony, and the husband does not cheat anymore. The so-called rejection of this sehingkuh, bright Mbah Slamet, can contain two meanings. The first, refusing or facing so that our spouses, whether husband or wife is not so much. That is, facing so as not to have an affair between married couples in marriage.

Mbah Slamet termed, lock the couple semasing so as not to deviate. This ritual can be done husband or wife, or both. Because the intention is to align marriage, so there will be a kind of bond or promise, if both will not betray the couple semasing. This promise, pledged both, in front of the grave Kyai Liwung, with solemn sincerity. Soah content of this promise of loyalty, depending on both agreements. Though trivial, but Mbah Slamet warned, so do not be careless. That is, do not pledge perfunctory, without taking into account the risks.

For example, says Mbah Shamet, if there are both husband and wife couples do the same rituah rejected this, and in pronunciation of the promise, both said, if one of them do the affair or melangggar promise, so one of them (the offender) will die, so things That sort of thing might go on.

"It's my name or qualification with my own oath. So do not be careful at the promise. If it does not comply with the content of the pledge or oath, yes there must be events that cause him to die. Can crash, or die without any cause, "explained Mbah Slamet, the father of 5 children.

Special problems, Mbah Slamet always warned, so think about the risks. Ritual refuse this kind of affair, said Mbah Slamet, usually done by a husband and wife who thought / accused of having an affair with others by their own partner.

The Myth Of The Sacred Place To Overcome The Problem Of Household

To prove it, so both will be promising to be equally faithful and will not switch hearts, to die separating the two. But generally, they do not think about the risks, until when they say promise, just to be. Narration of Mbah Slamet, so long ago, there was a husband and wife and the location of Purworejo itself. They came to see Mbah Slamet, to be escorted to the grave of Kyai Liwung mbah. And the information received, if the husband feels annoyed, karna accused of having another affair.

Along with also the wife, who remains insistent on his accusations, because he has evidence and witnesses. Because both are equally adamantly correct, so both make the decision to say promise in front of Kyai Liwung's grave. The husband is pitiful, if he is really bersehingkuh, so he is ready to die. Similarly vice versa. Hose 40 days ago, came one news, if the husband died because of natural accidents. This sort of thing is proof, not just to say a pledge in this sacred tomb.

"The efficient time of this Mbah Liwung sawab 40 days. If indeed there is one of them who betrayed, yes optimal 40 days after he made an appointment or not obey his own oath, so would be attacked by cave, "said Mbah Slamet.

Beyond that, the so-called ritual of rejecting this affair, if one of the positive couples do adultery (generally done husband), and the wife has been trying to remind, but never succeed.

Therefore, this wife do rituals in the tomb of Kyai Liwung, begs sawab and barokah, so that the husband re-aware, and do not do the affair again, back to his wife. This special, there are special prerequisites that need to be brought during the ritual, ie photo The husband / wife who cheated. In front of the tomb, accompanied by the caretaker, the barokah driver can tell what he means.

Finish the ritual, in an optimal period of 40 days, can almost be sure, if the husband / wife who originally cheated, will re-conscious. Why can such a thing take place? According to Mbah Shamet, it's because sawab from Kyal Liwung.

"That must be remembered, all because of the power of God Almighty. Rituals in the tomb of Kyai Liwung just only connectors, "added the grandfather of 10 grandchildren. Source: mystery.
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