The Devil That Makes Man To Be Evil

Man is a creature who can be with fault and goodness, because no man today is ever wrong. What is lawful thing that human beings are believed to be due to the lack of faith and the promptings of the devil, this time the author will share information about the names Demons and duties,

These are the demons that drive people to sin

1. Devil Ardad

Duty: Misleading People Who Are On the Go
If you are traveling on a journey then suddenly you feel lost and feel like spinning and difficulty finding, the way out, even the nearest highway? The ancients believed that we were carried by a demon or a demon called Ardad. Although not a powerful devil.Ardad is considered a demon of 'lower castes' who only have light work.


Task: To Incite Humankind to Mutual Say Bad and Destructive Dignity
Myths state that Agares belongs to the Honorable Duke of hell. Which is where Agares ruled over more than 31 demon army. Agares is a devil that is very destructive to the dignity of a person so that people often say dirty words that can make others hurt.

3. Astaroth

Task: Spread a sense of lazy, arrogant and rational
We often suddenly feel lazy to do anything? Myths believe that it is because you are caught up with the demons of Astaroth. In addition to causing a sense of laziness, Astaroth also teaches humans to feel arrogant and to think rationally so do not believe in the existence of destiny or power of God. Have you ever felt?

4. Ose

Task: Strengthen or create a Sickness
According to the myth of the pagan oasis is one of the leaders in the hell. Ose is also a demon who rules over 31 demonic army. Ose is considered to be the most responsible for mental illness experienced suddenly by humans. Like the 'whispering' that tells / invites human to kill, suddenly laughs, delusional, various things outside of logic. Many people believe many political figures are the victims of Ose's incitement and whisper.

5. Sitri

Duty: Make humans become indifferent and shameless
According to the story of Prophet Sulayman as who had succeeded in demolishing the demons, it is said that the figure of ibli Sitri is a big noble demon from hell and is in charge of 60 demon forces. Sitri is a demon who plays a shameless man or becomes shameless despite showing off aurat or doing nasty things in public or other sinful things.

For example if a male and female couple engages in a pornographic video scandal and they remain confident without embarrassment or regret, they are regarded as Sitri supporters.


Task: Fueling people to lie to each other, to quarrel, and quarrel
Pruflas is a demon of nobility from hell who leads 6 Satan troops. Pruflas likes to make people to quarrel and quarrel with each other. This devil also often make people say lying words that aims to trigger betrayal and examples of infidelity in the household is hubungari husband wife.

7. Beezelbub

Task: Makes humans to be greedy
Explained that Beezelbub belongs to a devil who likes to make big trouble. Beezelbub is one of the strongest and most powerful demons as a trusted subordinate of the Devil King, lucifer.

Beezelbub is considered responsible for the culprit of prejudice, jealousy, and greed that can make people unable to restrain themselves and do terrible things.


Duty: Make people become impatient
Verrin was nicknamed the prince of demons, Verrin is the devil most responsible for people who are impatient and easy to raise blood. According to Admirable History book by Sebastien Michaelis, Verrin is a demon who entered the highest ranks with only a slight incitement alone can cause damage / big trouble on human.

9. Asmodeus

Duty: Make man not control over his passion and passion
These days free sex behavior and sexual aberrations are already widely heard. It is believed to be the work created by the demons of Asmodeus. For example if there is someone who has sex without the status of husband and wife, show affection in public, think dirty, lesbian or homosexual, they are considered already exposed to temptation Asmodeus. Asmodeus belongs to one of the kings in hell who is most responsible for Lust which is one of the seven deadly sins.

Of all the seven greatest sins, pride is the highest and very hated by God. Who is the culprit causing arrogance? No other is the Devil King, Lucifer or whatever his name is. Various religious beliefs have its own version of this curse and cruel figure. There is a religion which says that this Devil King was once an angel who was expelled from heaven by God because of his arrogant nature, but there is also a religion that says that the evil lucifier is a creature made of fire, but because it does not accept the human figure, so he was expelled by God Make the devil promise to invite all mankind to do evil until the Day of Judgment later.