Behind Ferdinand Monoyer In Doodle Google

Monday, May 9, 2017 google menggemparkan users, this is due to Doodle Google featuring Ferdinand Monoyer, Then Who is the Monoyer?

Ferdinand Monoyer is a diopter developer, a tool used to measure eye sight. The tool he created is still used today.

Diopter plays a role to measure the actual distance you need to read the text. There are things that characterize the chart. Ferdinand Monoyer made the chart with each line of letters from the smallest to the largest. The purpose is to measure the power of the eye to identify letters

Ferdinand Monoyer, born May 9, 1836, is one of hundreds of the most popular ophthalmologists of the Eifel Tower State. Ophthalmology is a special medical expert to overcome diagnosis, handling, preventing damage to eye organs

Google mamanfaatkan ferdinand by commemorating the birthday of its 181th year, the Google browser puts a google doodle in the form of a pair of eyes that exchange two letter 'o' in the word "Google". When you click google doodle it, in bagain right it will appear animated chart filled with a number of lines of various sizes of letters used to measure the sharpness of your eye sight power.

Take a closer look at the two rightmost columns to the right and left of the chart. By underestimating the bottom row (ZU), read the reverse letter sequence from bottom to top. You will find a series of letters that make the name "Ferdinand Monoyer".

The chart is generally referred to as the Monoyer chart. We can meet him in hospital, puskesmas, or optical equipment store.

Ferdinand Monoyer also changed the typeface or type of letter that he thinks less fit to test the sharpness of the eye. If you want to judge a person's eye acumen using the Monoyer chart, he should be able to identify as many letters as possible on the chart.

The more and smaller the letters that can be identified, the better the vision. Vice versa, the less and the larger the letters that can be read, the worse the power of vision.

Uniquely, not many people in the world can see google doodle Ferdinand Monoyer this. Google browsers only share them in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, India, UK, Sweden, Poland, Greece, and certainly France as the original country