The True Story of a Prostitute Woman Who Has Been Sacrificed For Wealth and Celebration

The New Real Mystery Narrative The Story of a Prostitute Becomes a Victim of the Exploitation of her Husband The real mystery of the night will also share a real mystery story victim pesugihan who himself can be said Pesugihan King Tega at the expense of his wife's own wife. Actually, many mystery stories will also be updated always a day, so often come to our site

Here is a narrative mystery of the real story of the most recent mystical supernatural pesugihan you want to read.  The True Story of a Prostitute Woman Who Has Been Sacrificed For Wealth and Celebration The mystical story of Poverty mystery.

At September 15, 2005 I remember correctly, the date and the first day of the first event I acted immoral kickbacks of the world's top prostitutes. That day, exactly on Thursday night at 19.45 at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, for the first time I selling traded.

My "honor" price is expensive for the size of a model-class girl like myself. That night I paid Rp1, 5 million by Hari Sujarwo, one officer of one generation who was duty in one headquarters. After use, I immediately washed and cried in the bathroom. Destruction, the dreadful insult gnaws at my inner and my physical.

Sujarwo slept soundly with his mouth open, snoring! For a moment I could not sleep and wanted to go home as soon as possible. I looked at the middle-aged man who had been married and had three children. Narrative mystery which in disguise

I think, with his money, the man has taken away my madness. Robby, my pimp, must have laughed formally brought a wad of money from Sujarwo for my purchase.

Yes, I've been sold by Robby for a while I just bought a small side of the tens of millions in the transaction. Although Robby is not really my own uncle. She's my daddy's sister. My real father who has long died the world. OMG ! The real mystery of pesugihan

"I bought you for $ 50 million on Robby for a virginity There is no argument for you to turn down !!" snapped Sujarwo, as I struggled from the powerful packet arms. One moment a revorver filled the bullet thrown from his waist. The man's terror will also finish me down.

"Barbarous! "I say. Om Sujarwo gasped at this strange sentence. His hand pulled my hair roughly and said.

"Did you mention what just now? Try again, repeat again! "He pressed.

My head shriveled. My heart gets wry. My breath almost stops for a moment when it is overcrowded. With a stuttering mouth I apologize to that dark-skinned man with a thin mustache.

"Sorry sir, I mean Just Robby the barbarian, not this om. Robby set me up. Do you know  Robby is my real uncle. He is the younger brother of my father who has been 10 years. Then died the world! Why did he sell me? "I whispered.

Hari Sujarwo was in fact already knowing if I was Robby's nephew. Even two months. First, the transaction has been done. Robby has promised me to sell on Hari Sujarwo. My photographs were so kind in some entertainment magazines, cut up and stored neatly on Hari Sujarwo's personal car dashboard.

"You think I will also be touched and touched to hear that you are nephew of Robby the top pimp? No ! Today many uncles sell their nephews. Even you also know, I also never bought a virgin some girls who are sold by his own father. In fact, just 1 week then, I bought three children virgins all sisters are brothers who selling cash by biological parents. Mother and father! Understand? "Asked Hari Sujarwo, not demanding my answer.

The world has lost its memory. Morals has gone bankrupt and there is no once more morals and some life ethics in this life. I've been plunged into the demon world. Honestly, it is not the whole om om robby's fault, but because my morale is also the one that has collapsed. Yes, because of poverty, the distress of life and the limited power of the brain there is also no skill that can invite money.

Life is so demanding. Momentary honor that I accept is not how much the world is the responsibility. Yes kind of bootom row that demands me limited joinings. Faceful face but wallet deflated.

I am currently a professional prostitute. Everyday I move from one man to a different man. My pay is pretty good when it's on the roadside prostitute's side. Multiply check s *** s I paid Rp 500 thousand at least. But strangely enough, the money I received every night was just like that. Never mind deposit, saving under the mattress too, I do not have. It may be because the same is true with the saying, "Money jinn in eating devil" I think.

One night, I was booked by a somewhat aged gentleman. The so-called man is a paranormal member of the House. My guest was not a member of the general council, but he was a popular public profile. Although that night he spent a lot of money treating me at Hardrock Café on street Sarinah, Thamrin Jakarta and gave me a lot, but not the slightest he touched me.

"I just need a conversation partner tonight, I do not need women to date on the bed! "He asserted.
Indeed, returning from Hardrock to Kemang Garden hotel, I did not do anything, except to talk. He tipped me to tell me about why I chose a profession to be a prostitute. At first I did not tell the truth to him. I fabricate a narrative that is far from the fact. After my narration, the man of the profession as a representative of the people smiled sweetly. A few moments as his eyes shone sharply into my eyes.

"Younger sister lies. The sister is making up a fictitious narrative away from the facts as the little brother faces! "He insisted, calmly. My heart is shaking great. My face felt slapped with buffalo dungs. I think he has a specific advantage that knows what he should not know. He understands more and what I do not know about myself.

That night he guessed with what fitting I had and why I was splashed in the mud stains like this. He even guessed what happened when I was a kid.

I bowed my head. I did not dare lift my head and look at him. Shame, yes I feel ashamed. But the wise man was so calm in my heart. He holds my chin and begs me to look him in the eye.

"Brother innocent. The circumstances forced her to live like this. And also conditions that forced the younger brother to be a worker S *** S commercial. Do not lie. I know what my sister does not understand and Sister knows what I know. I am a psychic, a shaman, who can see a thing that is not saw by most people, "he explained.

That night he drove me back to my house on the edge of Jakarta. The dwelling of my parents' reot parents and half of bamboo in Karang Mulya, Tangerang City, Banten. I am not allowed to return to my booth at Mango lodging rentals VIII Number 7685 E. She begged me to stop being a fake love salesman. He will also make me an empress, his glorious wife who is honored and honored. He will also guarantee my life full. Rp 100 million monthly money, Iambhorgini car, ferrari and fortuner.

"You must be a good woman, honorable and elegant, not crawling to replace this man!

However, you must switch the whole, 1000% switch. Can go out of my residence with my permit and can walk to enjoy life abroad with me. Delete everything adab as well as the old time routine and start with a new life to be a respectable woman, "he said, with sharp eyes as sharp as a hawk in the blue sky.

My body is dreaming like a dream. I pinched my leather, my cheeks and my hair, is this really a fact? Or am I delirious, have a dream or hallucinate? No, I pinched sick. The hair I pulled was sore. I mean, I'm not having a dream. I really face the handsome, kind-hearted man and want to make me queen after he stated. Wife has died six years. Time ago and no children.

Finally he claimed to be honest, if I was taken by him because of the supreme order of supramistic teachers behind him. The Invisible King, Kanjeng Puma Asmara, the djinni from the Middle East who sheltered him, begged me to make my wife and only I could bring him to his true glory. I had been looking for him for a long time and he was so happy he had found me that night. Even the unseen, does not allow me to be released and must be tied up and married to be the most important queen.

So people who are so beginners in the supernatural world, I am a bit confused also really kok this way. There is a man who seeks a wife based on the command of the supernatural teacher who protected him. I am only one of the thousand names and only me who can be married, even though in fact I am just a woman despicable, dirty and dirty because I am a prostitute.

The last is also revealed because there is a mole on my cheek as a sign. Characteristic that I am a wealthy prince who is widower without this child.

"Oh man, I am a depraved lady, prostitute and dirty. Do not you regret later, accompanied by someone who is so ugly stri like this? "I said, one day, before we got married.

"In the common human eye, you're dirty because you're a whore. But in my eyes, you are an angel who descended from heaven. You are mahadara, the most beautiful woman in the astral world and you are the cleanest girls in the mysterious universe, so that, the master chooses you to make a wife. The wife of a powerful man mandraguna, qualified and live so 1/2 human and 1/2 jin. "His cock, soft.

The marriage has taken place. We make elegant living capital of 39 billion rupiah at hill Pass, Bogor West Java. A large 38-bedroom residence, an olimpiacle swimming pool and a beautiful garden with a thousand types of flowers and flowers next to my house.

The Asean Life model magazine interviewed me about the residence and where I lived it became a trending topic in Life Model magazine and TV broadcast. Yes, I am the richest woman in Indonesia with 100 yarn factories, tapiyoca, South Korean car order and 29 Western European restaurants spread in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali. Lastly we made three great restaurants also in Makasar, South Sulawesi.

From where was the money so easily earned by my husband?
"Your husband owns a cash mill. He has his own private cave piled with some gold, diamonds, diamonds and American dollars. Your husband is a high-profile pesugihan actor. He did pesugihan with tumbal yourselves. If you do not go out soon, you will soon die suddenly. You're like having a heart attack, but in essence you've been dedicated to the supernatural. In the King of the jinn who will also swallow your blood, brain and heart.

For God, I am a living witness of the actions of your husband who pummeled you into his rightful wife. If you want to survive, go off overseas and disconnect with him as soon as possible, "said Ki Jala Mandra, 67, a Malaysian paranormal who until now became a friend with my husband.

My heart was beating. My head was shriveling and I was scared. I am sure what is mentioned Ki Jala Mandra this. He did not lie and he was a living witness if I became the ultimate goal of the victim of the heavyweight pesugihan done by my husband.

In the evening I could not sleep. My husband hugged me tight and stroked my hair with intimate. I want to ask questions, but danger. When I ask questions about it, I can be killed by him directly.

"Your husband looks good, wise and cares for you. He is the shaman pesugihan king Tega, the heart to make a victims  wife for wealth and glory. I feel sorry for you, who will also be the victim. It's good to put all the money into your bank account

And fled to South Afnika or to Western Europe, "Ki Jala Mandra commanded, seriously.

My husband took me intimate. So my wife, I did my duty and I was not even bland. Did not feel the pleasure though. What I have is fear, tightness and depressed mounds. I thought, I must go far, far away from it to escape death. Apart from the victims that dangers and bring disaster to my personal life.

"I must be a remote driver," I whispered, inside.

Right now I have run away. I have moved away from the reach of King Jin's victim who will also swallow my heart and blood. I live in Akmaar, not far away and Paramaribo, Suniname in South America. I create a Bank, make music residence, karaoke, restaurant in Akmaar, this Dutch colony country.

It is a real mystical story of the mystery of a woman's life journey that will be made victorious pesugihan king tega

So Javanese, I feel live in this country in Akmaar because many Javanese here and are brothers all. Here I use the ancestral language, Java kromo hinggil, kromo madyo and ngoko. I was suggested to be a Suniname citizen and become a Suniname nation. but, I like Indonesia so much that I will also keep returning to Jakarta when conditions are secure. I would also be safe if my ex-husband had died and the king of jin had been shifted to Western Australia. Ki Jala Mandra is ready to help me and will also help me if one day I will also return to my beloved country, Indonesia.

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The Myth of a Place That Can Overcome Infidelity

The myth of this sacred place in Central Java is so fitting to handle domestic affairs. Sometimes in the household there is a time to get a trial, one of which is the affair either from the wife or from the husband. Step stop this infidelity many steps one of them with a prayer awaken husband cheating when a cheating her husband, even in the mystical world there is also a step to lock the husband's genitals to avoid or stop cheating.

Steps to stop good cheating must be from the heart and the lapses. There is also a pair of heart-locking prayers or heart-locking prayers of a wife or husband. On the up-date of this occasion we will review the sacred places that have myth in sure to deal with the affair.
The mythical narrative of the sacred place in central java

Myths Overcoming Infidelity By Praying At Mbah Liwung's Tomb

In Kelurahan Tambakrejo, Purworejo, there is an old grave named Kyai Liwung tomb. Not many know, the problem of the origin of this Kyai Liwung. The presence of his tomb, so the narrative itself, as well as interesting for back flashed.

As the name implies, Kyai Liwung has the meaning of dizzy, or the state of a soul who was wondering because natural one problem is heavy. And in the change indeed, in the grave Kyai Liwung also often be the intention of some people who are in a state of indifference because of one serious problem.

According to Mbah Slamet (68), caretaker of the grave of Kyai Liwung, the story of Kyai Liwunglah's life journey that made the old grave that he was caring for, often became the foundation of some people to get a way out when hit by problems. Of the umpteenth problem that often encountered some barokah racer, Mbah Slamet confess, the most master is the matter of the household, in this matter is the matter of love.

"There are so many couples who are shaking their dwelling here, to find a way out. Mostly there is a relationship with infidelity, "said Slamet.

Yet, according to Slamet, the intentions of some of the baroque racers are only for the good. That is, if one household is shaken tempestion because one of their partner cheating, all can end with a bestselling ritual in the tomb of Kyai Liwung. From the statement of Mbah Slamet, the sawab and the sacred place he was guarding was indeed special to handle the affair.

Then, who is Kyai Liwung's own identity? Why can I have a special answer to deal with infidelity? As well as the hereditary narrative received by Mbah Slamet from some of his ancestors, the presence of Kyai Liwung is, in fact closely related to the presence of Duchy Loano, a glorious kingdom of his time, several hundred years. ago. Loano currently, is a subdistrict name just north of Purworejo. As well as for the people of Purworejo itself, the presence of Duchy Loano at the time then, also so the story itself. There is a Loano chapter that opens all. The story begins with a character named Bethoro Loano, who is predicted to live in th. 1200s. Bethoro Loano, actually named Aryo Bangah, a son of Pajajaran who went wandering to the island of East Java, to find his brother named Joko Sesuruh.

But the search time, Aryo Bangah stop his journey in one area on the banks of the river Bogowonto, Bagelen north side location (Purworejo). Together with his followers, in the end Aryo Bangah settled here. The place is ultimately referred to as Bumi Singgelo. And Aryo Bangah is familiar with Buyut Singgelo.

Buyut Singgelo berputra two, namely Prince Anden and Ki Manguyu. Achieve adulthood, Prince Anden is commanded to serve in Majapahit, all looking for his uncle, Joko Sesuruh. In his devotion, Prince Anden was awarded the daughter of the king named Dewi Marilangen, and was ordered back to Singgelopuro. After that, Bumi Singgelopuro returned to Prince Anden, along with Buyut Singgelo to Mount Sumbing to recluse, avoiding from the crowds of the world. After that, Buyut Singgelo is known as Bethoro Loano. Bumi Singgelopuro itself, in the change to change the name so Loano.

That time, there was a tempest in Duchy Loano, that is, there was a disturbance of Prince Anden's ties with his wife, Dewi Manilangen. The bully is named Prince Joyokusurno, a son of Majapahit, who in fact had an affair bond with his own aunt Dewi Marilangen, but was opposed by the king of Majapahit. And the dark ties always continue, although Dewi Marilangen has become the wife of Prince Anden. "The term is currently having an affair," explained Mbah Slamet.

Not received his wife disturbed (terkingkuhi) Prince Anden bumped Prince Joyokusumo. Both were never fighting, a magic fight. But in fact, Prince Anden lost. Afterwards, Prince Anden heads for Mount Sumbing, begging for his father's help, Bethoro Loano. The father was able to help his son, to get rid of Prince Joyokusumo.

But Bethono Loano has already sworn not to take care of some worldly things. Therefore, Bethoro Loano has another step. Bethoro Loano came down from Mount Sumbing by way of sweeping his body on a raft of banana trunks or topo ngeli in the flow of Bogowonto River. When topo ngeli this, the heart of Bethono Loano was hesitant. One time he arrived at the pond area, here banana sticks stuck in fishing fish parapara, have Kyai Tambak. When found, Bethoro Loano in a daze (liwung). He is confused, how to help his son, get rid of Prince Joyokusumo.

Because of that situation, in the end Bethoro Loano referred to Kyai Liwung. On the edge of Bogowonto river in this Tambak area, Kyai Liwung has been imprisoned for some time, until finally he interfere with Kyai Ganggeng. In Kyai Ganggeng, Kyai Liwung who is actually Bethoro Loano is telling, what makes it down the mountain and make his heart hesitant, his mind liwung (confused). After knowing the problem, Kyai Ganggeng is also willing to help Kyai Liwung. After obtaining a man who is willing to help his son's problem, Kyal Liwung also returns to Mount Sumbing.

"The place of Kyai Liwung ascetic, eventually known as the tomb of Kyai Liwung. But really, it's just petilasan, "narrated Mbah Slamet.
Upon returning Kyai Liwung, Kyai Ganggeng encountered Prince Semono (ruler of Awu-awu sky), pleading for his help. After that, Prince Semono ordered Patih Lowo ijo to arrest Prince Joyokusumo. As soon as Patih Lowo ijo rushed to Duchy Loano. Short narrative, arriving at the castle Loano, Lowo Ijo feel Prince Joyokusumo was trying to get into the palace through the way like a thief, jumping over the palace fence. At that place took place a fight on Prince Joyokusurno with Lowo ijo.

The peak of the two magic powers, when Lowo ijo switched to smoke and into the jug, followed by Prince Joyokusumo who also switched to smoke, then entered into the other pitcher Knowing such a thing, Lowo Ijo was out of the pitcher as soon as he became a man again, Shut up the jug that entered Prince Joyokusumo. Prince Joyokusumo is also entangled in it.

In the end Lowo Ijo brought a jug containing Prince Joyokusumo in front of Kyai Ganggeng. In front of Kyai Ganggeng, the pitcher was crushed, and as soon as the smoke came out soaring and shaping the figure of Prince Joyoku Sumo.

"Then there was a fight on Kyai Ganggeng and Prince Joyokusumo. Because both are both Sakti, they are killed sampyuh, or die in unison, "explained Mbah Slamet. As petilasan people linuwih, Kyai Liwung's grave in the end become a sacred place. As well as from the story, make some people who are experiencing serious domestic problems, nyepi or perform rituals in the tomb of Kyai Liwung, to obtain guidance.

Who made the grave of Kyai Liwung has a special sawab to handle the affair, said Mbah Slamet, related to the business of Kyai Liwung (Bethoro Loano) who successfully removed Prince Joyokusumo who already mengingkuhi mantunya child, Dewi Marilangen.

"That's why, special sawab from Kyai Liwung's grave is so fitting to reject an affair or handle an affair. He does not want his grandchildren to end up like his son in a marriage, his wife is harassed by another man, "said Mbah Slamet.

I Mbah Slamet, a ritual which he calls the ritual of rejecting cheating or anti-cheating ritual, is generally done by some mothers, where the dwelling ladder less harmonious, because the husband likes to cheat. With this ritual of rejecting affair, the household will return to harmony, and the husband does not cheat anymore. The so-called rejection of this sehingkuh, bright Mbah Slamet, can contain two meanings. The first, refusing or facing so that our spouses, whether husband or wife is not so much. That is, facing so as not to have an affair between married couples in marriage.

Mbah Slamet termed, lock the couple semasing so as not to deviate. This ritual can be done husband or wife, or both. Because the intention is to align marriage, so there will be a kind of bond or promise, if both will not betray the couple semasing. This promise, pledged both, in front of the grave Kyai Liwung, with solemn sincerity. Soah content of this promise of loyalty, depending on both agreements. Though trivial, but Mbah Slamet warned, so do not be careless. That is, do not pledge perfunctory, without taking into account the risks.

For example, says Mbah Shamet, if there are both husband and wife couples do the same rituah rejected this, and in pronunciation of the promise, both said, if one of them do the affair or melangggar promise, so one of them (the offender) will die, so things That sort of thing might go on.

"It's my name or qualification with my own oath. So do not be careful at the promise. If it does not comply with the content of the pledge or oath, yes there must be events that cause him to die. Can crash, or die without any cause, "explained Mbah Slamet, the father of 5 children.

Special problems, Mbah Slamet always warned, so think about the risks. Ritual refuse this kind of affair, said Mbah Slamet, usually done by a husband and wife who thought / accused of having an affair with others by their own partner.

The Myth Of The Sacred Place To Overcome The Problem Of Household

To prove it, so both will be promising to be equally faithful and will not switch hearts, to die separating the two. But generally, they do not think about the risks, until when they say promise, just to be. Narration of Mbah Slamet, so long ago, there was a husband and wife and the location of Purworejo itself. They came to see Mbah Slamet, to be escorted to the grave of Kyai Liwung mbah. And the information received, if the husband feels annoyed, karna accused of having another affair.

Along with also the wife, who remains insistent on his accusations, because he has evidence and witnesses. Because both are equally adamantly correct, so both make the decision to say promise in front of Kyai Liwung's grave. The husband is pitiful, if he is really bersehingkuh, so he is ready to die. Similarly vice versa. Hose 40 days ago, came one news, if the husband died because of natural accidents. This sort of thing is proof, not just to say a pledge in this sacred tomb.

"The efficient time of this Mbah Liwung sawab 40 days. If indeed there is one of them who betrayed, yes optimal 40 days after he made an appointment or not obey his own oath, so would be attacked by cave, "said Mbah Slamet.

Beyond that, the so-called ritual of rejecting this affair, if one of the positive couples do adultery (generally done husband), and the wife has been trying to remind, but never succeed.

Therefore, this wife do rituals in the tomb of Kyai Liwung, begs sawab and barokah, so that the husband re-aware, and do not do the affair again, back to his wife. This special, there are special prerequisites that need to be brought during the ritual, ie photo The husband / wife who cheated. In front of the tomb, accompanied by the caretaker, the barokah driver can tell what he means.

Finish the ritual, in an optimal period of 40 days, can almost be sure, if the husband / wife who originally cheated, will re-conscious. Why can such a thing take place? According to Mbah Shamet, it's because sawab from Kyal Liwung.

"That must be remembered, all because of the power of God Almighty. Rituals in the tomb of Kyai Liwung just only connectors, "added the grandfather of 10 grandchildren. Source: mystery.
Do not miss the mystical narrative where the sacred is forbidden to cheat
Such mythical myths are the mystery of the sacred tomb that is recognized for praying to deal with domestic problems
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The Myth of Falling Lizard On the Head, of the Hand, of the Foot, The shoulder of the Thigh Stomach The Meaning and Its Sign

Myths Meaning Meaning Signs Fall Lizard On Head Head Hands Shoulder Backs Thighs And Lizards And Lizards In The House And How To Cope 

The myth of falling lizard or lizard greedy means the meaning from the sign of ketiban or get unlucky for the autumn. Inside the case from the logical and real thoughts are unlucky just lizard because He‘s not careful to fall, well if you feel the bad luck that what Man that is the autumn from the lizard? 

Yes that may be a myth Isn‘t simple to digest it using the mind of logic. There should be purpose and purpose of why the autumn of lizard is taken into account myth can get bad luck, keapesan, and possibly even calamity. Which we will take the constructive side if We‘ve fallen lizard will make us more Alert to face the misfortunes which have been possibly waiting. 

The Myth of Fall Lizard In Tubu Parts Meaning : 

Mitos Fall Lizard In The Head 

Many also many people think that the autumn of lizards inside the head of fortune will drag inside the sense of people that fall lizard could be difficult to get his rejeki. Yet in Islam every person born during this playing field of fortune is given if we are still inside the womb. 

Along with livelihood drag, actually the meaning of the autumn from the lizard is likewise the potential of a sign that there will be relations who‘ll die. Can even have the meaning from the meaning of the disaster will certainly be experienced as a motorcycle accident that resulted in severe, among others. 

If We‘ve fallen lizards ought to be more careful in doing something, the constructive side we become humans who aren‘t careless, whether or otherwise the myth of the autumn from the lizard. 

Mitos Fall Lizard In Hand 

Once we know in doing the work we always employ both hands to labor or make something. The meaning or meaning of falling lizard in hand is really a sign the work you are doing will certainly be useless or otherwise get the outcomes as expected. May also mean your fortune Will certainly be delayed. 

There‘s also a mean which you will lose your grip during this case is really a life companion that may be a boyfriend, hopefully not ya. Tapi don‘t be discouraged in case you experience the autumn of lizard on hand. The constructive side is that you need to be more serious inside the work or trying to get Therefore the spirit should be increased. 

Mitos Fall Lizard In Legs 

This myth is interpreted or meaningful can get misfortune on the way in which you‘ll go, for example slip upon the road, motorcycle accidents or cars, in cegat begal etc. Or also can mean the aim in which you are traveling Isn‘t as expected, for instance you would like to ngapel Towards the girlfriend's house, and as it happens his girlfriend Isn‘t in your own home. All that‘s merely a possibility that certainly doesn‘t necessarily happen since the person's misfortune varies. 

If you need to travel or attend work however the lizard fall in the shape of your toes, you need to be more careful with your deeds, step up to become able to face any possible bad luck. The constructive side makes us more cautious in stepping so even when that myth is free of charge individuals believe No, surely there isn‘t any harm right? Act cautiously. 

Myth The Fall of Lizard Upon the shoulder 

The autumn from the lizard upon the shoulder means the meaning of misfortune towards the family or many people you care about. Also can mean the loss of your respective current job ini. Arti another will certainly obtain a trial life with an important burden. The constructive side in case you already know about the meaning of the autumn of lizard upon the shoulder is to ready mentally to face the bad luck that could wait. So be stronger. 

Mitos Fall Lizard In Thigh 

This myth has meaning meaning you‘ll problem inside the way. Maybe from others or because of your deeds. Ensure if you‘re more vigilant if you need to attend one area. When the lizard drops on the ideal thigh leg, it implies that it‘s a sign that you‘ll problems from colleagues or good friends. If the autumn upon the left thigh leg, meaning its meaning is really a sign if you‘ll problems from strangers. The constructive side is much more careful about friends or opponents. 

The Myth of Falling Dirt Lizard 

This myth is meaningful will certainly be affected by illness or disease because lizard excrement itself is really a symbol of disease. 
How you can keep off or overcome the misfortune of the autumn from the lizard 

This process is likewise section of the myth and that is so bad luck after the autumn from the lizard usually is to hunt or catch the lizard which has fallen on us. Once we catch the lizard after which we kill and spit during intention to become bad luck or apes We‘re brought Dead lizard itu. Memang is cruel but inside the Islamic religion We‘re told to kill the lizard, for more information hadith prophet in regards to the lizard should ask a similar kiyai or ustadz you nearest. As it happens the sound of lizard also contains a particular meaning meaning what‘s the meaning from the sound of lizard? 

The Meaning of Lizard Sound In The House 

The meaning of lizard sound could be interpreted depending on in which the direction from the lizard sounds is appropriate from our position. The interpretation is similar to this : 

The lizard coming from the east 
- Which means that the hard work There‘ll fail as well as vain 

A lizard coming from the southeast 
- It indicates to experience mediocrity or balance when it comes to happiness or sadness along with fortune 

The sound from the lizard coming from the south 
- It indicates to satisfy someone inside the know long time 

A lizard coming from the southwest 
- Which means that can get a nasty luck or an enormous obstacle trial 

The sound from the lizard coming from the west 
- It indicates getting good fortune, this is an excellent sign 

The sound from the lizard coming from the northwest 
- It indicates suffering illness or getting sick 

The sound from the lizard coming from the north 
- It indicates to obtain good or happiness 

The lizard coming from the northeast 
- It indicates to become subjected to severe life trials which are likely to become death 

A lizard sound from above or directly in the middle from the top 
- Which means that the awaited fortune will soon come also can dream will certainly be answered 

The sound of the lizard when talking a few case 
- It indicates the the fact is talked about 
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The Devil That Makes Man To Be Evil

Man is a creature who can be with fault and goodness, because no man today is ever wrong. What is lawful thing that human beings are believed to be due to the lack of faith and the promptings of the devil, this time the author will share information about the names Demons and duties,

These are the demons that drive people to sin

1. Devil Ardad

Duty: Misleading People Who Are On the Go
If you are traveling on a journey then suddenly you feel lost and feel like spinning and difficulty finding, the way out, even the nearest highway? The ancients believed that we were carried by a demon or a demon called Ardad. Although not a powerful devil.Ardad is considered a demon of 'lower castes' who only have light work.


Task: To Incite Humankind to Mutual Say Bad and Destructive Dignity
Myths state that Agares belongs to the Honorable Duke of hell. Which is where Agares ruled over more than 31 demon army. Agares is a devil that is very destructive to the dignity of a person so that people often say dirty words that can make others hurt.

3. Astaroth

Task: Spread a sense of lazy, arrogant and rational
We often suddenly feel lazy to do anything? Myths believe that it is because you are caught up with the demons of Astaroth. In addition to causing a sense of laziness, Astaroth also teaches humans to feel arrogant and to think rationally so do not believe in the existence of destiny or power of God. Have you ever felt?

4. Ose

Task: Strengthen or create a Sickness
According to the myth of the pagan oasis is one of the leaders in the hell. Ose is also a demon who rules over 31 demonic army. Ose is considered to be the most responsible for mental illness experienced suddenly by humans. Like the 'whispering' that tells / invites human to kill, suddenly laughs, delusional, various things outside of logic. Many people believe many political figures are the victims of Ose's incitement and whisper.

5. Sitri

Duty: Make humans become indifferent and shameless
According to the story of Prophet Sulayman as who had succeeded in demolishing the demons, it is said that the figure of ibli Sitri is a big noble demon from hell and is in charge of 60 demon forces. Sitri is a demon who plays a shameless man or becomes shameless despite showing off aurat or doing nasty things in public or other sinful things.

For example if a male and female couple engages in a pornographic video scandal and they remain confident without embarrassment or regret, they are regarded as Sitri supporters.


Task: Fueling people to lie to each other, to quarrel, and quarrel
Pruflas is a demon of nobility from hell who leads 6 Satan troops. Pruflas likes to make people to quarrel and quarrel with each other. This devil also often make people say lying words that aims to trigger betrayal and examples of infidelity in the household is hubungari husband wife.

7. Beezelbub

Task: Makes humans to be greedy
Explained that Beezelbub belongs to a devil who likes to make big trouble. Beezelbub is one of the strongest and most powerful demons as a trusted subordinate of the Devil King, lucifer.

Beezelbub is considered responsible for the culprit of prejudice, jealousy, and greed that can make people unable to restrain themselves and do terrible things.


Duty: Make people become impatient
Verrin was nicknamed the prince of demons, Verrin is the devil most responsible for people who are impatient and easy to raise blood. According to Admirable History book by Sebastien Michaelis, Verrin is a demon who entered the highest ranks with only a slight incitement alone can cause damage / big trouble on human.

9. Asmodeus

Duty: Make man not control over his passion and passion
These days free sex behavior and sexual aberrations are already widely heard. It is believed to be the work created by the demons of Asmodeus. For example if there is someone who has sex without the status of husband and wife, show affection in public, think dirty, lesbian or homosexual, they are considered already exposed to temptation Asmodeus. Asmodeus belongs to one of the kings in hell who is most responsible for Lust which is one of the seven deadly sins.

Of all the seven greatest sins, pride is the highest and very hated by God. Who is the culprit causing arrogance? No other is the Devil King, Lucifer or whatever his name is. Various religious beliefs have its own version of this curse and cruel figure. There is a religion which says that this Devil King was once an angel who was expelled from heaven by God because of his arrogant nature, but there is also a religion that says that the evil lucifier is a creature made of fire, but because it does not accept the human figure, so he was expelled by God Make the devil promise to invite all mankind to do evil until the Day of Judgment later.
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Behind Ferdinand Monoyer In Doodle Google

Monday, May 9, 2017 google menggemparkan users, this is due to Doodle Google featuring Ferdinand Monoyer, Then Who is the Monoyer?

Ferdinand Monoyer is a diopter developer, a tool used to measure eye sight. The tool he created is still used today.

Diopter plays a role to measure the actual distance you need to read the text. There are things that characterize the chart. Ferdinand Monoyer made the chart with each line of letters from the smallest to the largest. The purpose is to measure the power of the eye to identify letters

Ferdinand Monoyer, born May 9, 1836, is one of hundreds of the most popular ophthalmologists of the Eifel Tower State. Ophthalmology is a special medical expert to overcome diagnosis, handling, preventing damage to eye organs

Google mamanfaatkan ferdinand by commemorating the birthday of its 181th year, the Google browser puts a google doodle in the form of a pair of eyes that exchange two letter 'o' in the word "Google". When you click google doodle it, in bagain right it will appear animated chart filled with a number of lines of various sizes of letters used to measure the sharpness of your eye sight power.

Take a closer look at the two rightmost columns to the right and left of the chart. By underestimating the bottom row (ZU), read the reverse letter sequence from bottom to top. You will find a series of letters that make the name "Ferdinand Monoyer".

The chart is generally referred to as the Monoyer chart. We can meet him in hospital, puskesmas, or optical equipment store.

Ferdinand Monoyer also changed the typeface or type of letter that he thinks less fit to test the sharpness of the eye. If you want to judge a person's eye acumen using the Monoyer chart, he should be able to identify as many letters as possible on the chart.

The more and smaller the letters that can be identified, the better the vision. Vice versa, the less and the larger the letters that can be read, the worse the power of vision.

Uniquely, not many people in the world can see google doodle Ferdinand Monoyer this. Google browsers only share them in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, India, UK, Sweden, Poland, Greece, and certainly France as the original country
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The Mystery of Thousands of Dwellers of Mount Lawu Cetho Temple Rejects Geothermal Project

The Mystery of Mount Lawu Jin Guard Rejects Geothermal Project 

Mount Lawu Cetho Temple Reveals the mystery from the history from the Land of Java
Mount Lawu is really a ground nail of Java land, the birthplace of civilization era and culture inside the archipelago.

The Mystery of Lots and lots of Dwellers of Mount Lawu Cetho Temple Rejects Geothermal Project

Geothermal exploration plan at Lawu mountain that‘ll be conducted by Pertamina like a state company winning the trillions of rupiah coming from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is not solely reaping criticism, but rejection also comes from indigenous people that live down the slopes of Mount Lawu. Along with the rejection of indigenous peoples, nature lovers and cultural observers, the spiritual leaders of kejawen also voiced a similar call, Save Lawu.
Mystery mount lawu

Perhaps one of the rejection involves geothermal exploration was performed from the figure of Surveillance Observer of Arts and Culture of Indonesia from Surakarta who remains an in depth relative of Kraton Jogjakarta Hadiningrat, BRMH. Kusuma Putra, SH. MH. Assisted by Javanese spiritual leaders, Bandoro Raden Mas Haryo Kusuma Putra firmly rejected the Geothermal development within the sub-districts upon the slopes of Mount Lawu.

"At some points the location is installed banner rejection 'loving Lawu' (Save Lawu ). These locations are among the many attractions Tawangmangu and post firing cage fir". He said.

Along with the climbing post Cemara Kandang, the activists nature lovers that are participants in PGL Cemara Sewu also do the same thing thing. Installing a Save Lawu banner in the entrance from the pine-track trail of sewu. Said added.

He reasoned the 35O thousand megawati power plant development program proclaimed from the Government ought to be assessed in the point in which the geothermal project will certainly be built. Don‘t let energy development programs destroy nature, including destroy the cultural order of local wisdom in the encompassing community, especially upon the slopes of Mount Lawu.
Four mapped sub-districts have geothermal resources, one among which is a geothermal project, he explained.

The community preserves nature, Mount Lawu provides benefits of food and livelihood for the encompassing community.

Down the slope of Mount Lawu is usually it from the Earth Charity Tradition

Mutual giving and useful as a style of 'Memayu Hayuning Bawana', maintaining the peace and preservation of nature semseta. The sort of gratitude as a projection from the gratitude of the folks upon the slopes of Mount Lawu is manifested as earth alms, and that is haturkan to God Almighty. Tradition of Earth alms is typically done coincide inside the year Saka, the Hindu calendar that became the reference of indigenous peoples upon the slopes of Mount Lawu.

Almost all of the villages and villages down the slopes of Mount Lawu every thirty wuku once held a cultural tradition of local wisdom. Tradition that added Kusuma, among which the traditions of alms earth Dawuhan held by Tawangmangu indigenous people in punden pedanyangan Honggodita and spring water village. Dhukutan tradition held every wuku Dhukut in Candi Menggung in an effort to respect and manifest gratitude towards the king Erlangga symbolized as Lord Shiva.

The Mondhosia tradition, which coincided with wuku Mondhosia by indigenous peoples inside the Pringgondani Hermitage area. The tradition of Julungan which was a held by Gondosuli indigenous people coincided wuku Julungpujut.

Tradition muter Mount Lawu conducted by villagers who live down the slopes of Mount Lawu every month entering the sura in an effort to be a style of gratitude towards the universe. Tradisi pithik doomsday held every month ruwah altogether villages down the slopes Lawu as a projection of gratitude Towards the ancestors.

Mystery of Civilization History In Java Island Hindu Buddhist Version

Kusuma explained, the rejection from the community is reasonable, the art of natural resources Lawu mountain especially water is not solely a supply of life for those who possess the mountain Lawu, including the city of Solo, Karanganyar, Sragen, Magetan and surrounding areas. Lawu Mountain is rich in natural resources, therefore allow it to be sustainable to ensure that our grandchildren sooner or later can still enjoy it.

Mount Lawu is really a conservation forest area that needs to be preserved. Many areas happen to be damaged and should be rescued immediately. Therefore, when the geothermal project remains desperately tilled probably the harm to natural Lawu mountain will grow worse.

Abundant water resources are feared to shrink because of geothermal exploration, so people that depend upon water sources from Mount Lawu will certainly be affected. Water for Kusuma is that the supply of life, grace and nature for many life inside the universe. The abundance of water in Mount Lawu cannot be separated coming from the culture of local wisdom which has been awakened but still maintained.

For centuries people upon the slopes of Mount Lawu coexist with nature. Like a Java ground pancer, Kusuma explains, Mount Lawu is not solely rich in natural resources, but additionally rich in culture. The birth of civilization of the culture in the center of society Isn‘t separated and also the concern from the community down the slope of Mount Lawu remains attempting to maintain its sustainability. Therefore, the Government's intention to understand more about geothermal resources is feared to destroy the existing cultural order since many years back.

During this Lawu not just gave birth to civilization culture, but civilization era also born from Mount Lawu, especially civilization era inside the land of Java. As written inside the Paramayoga fiber by Rng great poet. Ronggowarsito that tells in regards to the civilization from the archipelago was initially born in Mount Lawu, inside the era of overwhelming.

Early South Sea Occupied By Nation Occult

Along with the fiber of Paramoyoga, inside the Mahaparwa Fiber by Empu Setya in Mamenang Kediri in 851 S (solar year ) or 879 C (year from the month ) when at that time of Prophet isa, Java island has not been named Java but still one using the islands of Sumatra, Madura and Bali.

The land of Java remains quiet there isn‘t any inhabitant, just the Jin, Satan, Beriberus who reside inside the land of Java. At that point the gods who berkahyangan at the highest of Mount Tengguru (later referred to as Mount Himalaya ) came towards the island of Java led by Sang Hyang Manikmaya or Sang Hyang Guru

The arrival of Sang Hyang Guru who led the gods and also the heaven for an island named following the name of Java comes coming from the word dawa (long land ). For a few years living inside the land of Java, the gods then returned to Mount Tengguru, as the island of Java again deserted as normal.

Meanwhile, inside the land of Hindustan, the king of brahmana named Prabu Isaka (Ajisaka ) son of King Iwasaka (Batana Anggajali ) son Batara Ramadi or Empu Ramadi (the very first Empress who made the heirlooms from the gods ) is that the son of Sang Hyang Ramaprawa son Sang Hyang Hening. Because the throne of Prabu Isaka was destroyed from the enemy, King Isaka then fled straight into the forest accompanied by his father who has turned into a god.

By Batara Anggajali his father, King Isaka taught many soldiers concerned to ensure that he gained lots of powers, even the ability possessed King Prabu Isaka proficient at equivalent towards the gods. While hermit inside the forest, King Isaka gets whisik ascetic on an extended island named Java.

Amazed from the natural beauty from the island of Java coming from the tip of Sumatra to Bali and that is filled with plants Barrow, then Ajisaka named dawa island using the name of Java. A similar name as giving Sang Hyang Guru. Upon the island of Java Ajisaka calculated the amount of years using the name Sengkala, so he later referred to as Empu Sengkala.

Elsewhere Kanjeng Baginda Rum in Turkey and that is located inside the north of Arabia intends to fill the island islands remain quiet. He heard the news the island of Java remains empty, therefore Baginda Rum then sent thousands of individuals survive the island of Java. But thousands of individuals sent from the Rum King Couldn‘t last long inside the island of Java, because they could not stand the warmth and sometimes possessed by demons. Numerous families are dead and left just a few families only. Dozens of individuals and Rum finally returned home to Rum.

Sad to listen to the news of many people that died due to not strongly settled upon the island of Java, Baginda Rum then sent a priest named Usman Aji a strong and wise give tumbal inside the land of Java. Because kesaktianya, upon arrival upon the island of Java Pastor Usman Aji know if on the mountain There‘s someone who had been meditating on Mount Hyang.

At Mount Hyang, Reverend Usman Aji meets with Empu Sengkala. He heard the storyline of the entire journey of Empu Sengkala to attain the island of Java and meditate on Mount Hyang. Setelah hear the storyline of Empu Sengkala, Pastor usman aji said, if his arrival in Java upon the orders of King Rum who desires he gave tumbal Java island to become inhabited by human.

Shortly after being planted upon the island of Java, the earth shook. A roar, a thick black fog enveloped the land of Java. The unseen nation of jinns, demons, priests screaming in deafening pain like the sacrifice planted by Reverend Aji usman in regards to the spirits.

Not able to withstand four tumbal Qiblah papat five pancer planted by Reverend Usman Aji, the complete unseen nation finally withdrew coming from the land of Java towards the southern sea. This event became the start of the southern sea inhabited from the occult. Following the Java island, Pastor Usman Aji returned to Rum together with the Sengakala Empress who wanted to achieve knowledge to him.

After some time inside the land of Rum, Sultan Rum intends to transmit people to fill the island of Java. But Sultan Rum wants the folks coming from the hot soil.

He then ordered the Sengkala Empu to visit the land of Hindustan before Sang Hyang Jagadnata, the leader from the gods for the folks of Hindustan. The meeting with Sang Hyang Jagadnata, Empu Sengkala then given some family coming from the riverbanks that‘ll be brought towards the island of Java.

Arriving upon the island of Java, the riverbank brought from the Empu Sengkala then cleared forests and mountains for example Mount Mahendra (Mount Lawu ), Mount Candrageni (Merapi ), Mount Candramuka (Merbabu ), Mountain Bangsa and Mountain Oya in Mountain Kidul. Mount Wayang, MountTampomas, Mount Papandayan inside the land of Priangan along with other mountains.

Following the Java island inhabited from the Keling, inside the fiber god Buda composed by Empu Padma in Mamenang Kediri dikisahkan, the gods from the Hindu kingdom of Hindus descend towards the land of Java. The gods who came to become referred to as Rishis, led by Mahadeva Buda Rishi.

In the foot of Mount Kamula Resi Mahadewa Buda build a royal civilization called Medang Kamulan. Mount Kamulan later referred to as Mount Parangro or Mountain Gede, Patih and punggawanya will be the Rishis.

The establishment of Medang Kamulan kingdom at Mountain Gede directly marked the very first king's birth in Java land for the very first time. Following a year of staying at Mount Kamula, the Baldewa Buda Order intends to maneuver the Medang Kamulan kingdom to Mount Mahendra (lawu mountain ) marked inside the anniversary of Anggasmara Rupaning Swarga (146 S ).

At Mount Lawu Resi Mahadewa Buda makes a swargaloka park in Arga Dumilah and Jonggring Saloka. The entire park contains Balal Marcukunda, Balai Marakata, Kori Sela Metangkep and wot ogal agil. In Mount Lawu the kingdom of Resi Mahdewa Buda still bears the name of Medang Kamulan kingdom.

Coming from the historical stories of ancient books which are commonly known, if names for example Arga Dumilah, Jonggring Saloka, Balai Marakata among others still exist today and therefore are preserved by the encompassing community, Kusuma said.

Added, historical civilization which was a born in Mount Lawu from time for them to time still left peninggalanya like, Sukuh Temple site believed to become older and Inka civilization. Candi Pelanggatan in Berjo village which was a built in Majapahit era.

Genggong temple built inside the heyday of Prabu Erlangga. Cetho temple built by hereditary from the kings of Nusantara. Site Tapak Brawijaya, Pogog Firs Site believed to become a natural invisible door kajirnan by the folks upon the slopes of Mount Lawu.

Sendang Raja patirtan Majapahit within the forest forest of Tahura belonging to Mangkunegara I. The ringin beard site and that is believed as being path of Pamuksan Brawijaya V. Kethek temple stands as Resi Mayangkara (Hanoman ). Pamuksan Price Dumilah in which the muksanya Prabu BRawijaya V. Hermitage Pnnggondani, a spiritual area that‘s often used like a spot to undergo the spiritual behavior of state officials and also the President.

Sapta Tirta Pablengan in Matesih Karanganyar Subdistrict in which the Prince Sambemyawa along with other historical sites of civilization and culture down the slope of Mount Lawu.

Plus many other sites that Haven‘t been exposed and explored to the general public,
he added

The Mystery of Mount Lawu Pancer Java Land

Relics from the history of civilization in Mount Lawu imbuh Kusuma, is that the real evidence of civilization in past years inside the land of Java. Therefore it isn‘t wrong if the folks of Java consider Mount Lawu is really a Java ground pancer. This really is evident by still regarded Lawu like a sacred spot where four pancer inside the land of Java that often disedekahi by Kraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat.

Like a Java ground pancer Java community worried, when there is negligence at that time of geothermal exploration feared will result in the balance of Java soil jiggle.

Along with the eyebrows' shock, the unexpected shocks resulting coming from the loss of natural harmony will certainly be terrible. Because supernatural forces not just affect human behavior, the universe may also be affected from the unseen supernatural powers. Proven technology is merely in a position to detect post disaster, however when disaster will happen only nature and God Almighty who know it.

The technology is merely proficient at detecting earth's plate fractures through satellite images, but is not able to detect what moves the fault plate. Though the movement from the plate and also the entire contents from the universe cannot be separated coming from the astral energy that‘s on this planet. When the balance of nature is damaged and destroyed by man, then man himself will bear the consequences. Thousands of individuals must bear the consequences from the greed of a couple of people that impose the will of destroying nature.

Mount Lawu is the bottom nail of Java land, the birthplace of civilization era and culture inside the archipelago. The rejection from the Javanese spiritual leaders is not solely as a genuine concern, but together additionally they move lots and lots of jinns who reside in Mount Lawu to preserve the natural environment
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